Recruiting for Drug & Medical Device Companies



Priority Recruiting Within Aggressive Deadlines

By delivering rare talent fast,
Biotecher has helped many companies reach their scientific and business goals
and helped many job candidates and hiring managers advance their careers.

Biotecher's Industry-Specific Resources and Capabilities include the following:  in-depth knowledge of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries and the various disciplines therein; knowledge of product lifecycles and highly-technical jargon; ability to quickly grasp complex employer needs; flexibility to work efficiently with diverse personalities and company cultures; a large network of knowledgeable and influential professional contacts including KOLs and thought leaders; and use of advanced, cutting-edge search methods to swiftly identify and attract below-the-radar talent.  

Methodology: During the search process Biotecher collaborates closely with client stakeholders who might include senior executives, hiring managers, and/or HR representatives. Each search starts with a kick-off meeting among designated decision-makers to define their needs and reach a consensus on candidate-profile criteria. Any candidate Biotecher subsequently submits will have been rigorously prescreened according to these criteria. Swift feedback from the client-point-person after each submission has proven essential for fine tuning the search and achieving timely results. 

Outcome: By working closely with client-stakeholders—respecting their goals as well as those of the candidates—Biotecher has facilitated numerous successful hires that have helped life science companies fulfill their missions and enhanced the careers of many industry professionals.   




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