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Career Guidance & Introductions 

Biotecher Supports and Coaches Transitioning Biotech Candidates to help them define and implement their career goals and strategies and hone their self-presentation and interview skills. Biotecher's support might also include special introductions to corporate leaders whose emerging plans and programs would benefit from the contributions of a uniquely qualified talent.

Methodology: Biotecher thoroughly prescreens each candidate for essential job qualifications, but also makes a point to get to know each candidate's goals and aspirations. If a motivated candidate works collaboratively with a seasoned recruiter, one who understands and values a job seeker's career objectives, that candidate stands a better chance of identifying and landing a position that leads to greater job satisfaction, productivity, skill-growth, and opportunity for advancement.  

Outcome: By respecting the goals of both candidates and client-stakeholders and by making targeted introductions accordingly, Biotecher has facilitated numerous successful hires that have helped many life science companies fulfill their missions and have enhanced the careers of many industry professionals. 

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